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Atwood – Just Not For Me.

Sadly, Atwood is just not for me.

I will admit her story concepts and plots are very compelling, and that anyone should become immersed in her novels. I could not, for the life of me, get into either of her novels “Oryx and Crake” or “The Year of the Flood”.

I just found the writing dry, and I am the type of person that a book needs to draw me within the first few pages or else I can not finish it.

I do think the concept of Corporate Greed and Commercialism very compelling. Sadly the novel just did not do it for me.

Atwood’s novel is a platform for what could happen to our future. A perfect example is what could/is happening is the situation with the Commons on campus. It is a micro example of what Atwood was talking about. [Or at least writing about] Atwood deals with the consequences of what will happen to our future if we continue down the path that Humanity is on. The novel “Oryx and Crake” looks at the social, economic and scientific aspects of a society that ‘may’ happen in our future.

All in All, this post is a short one, I just did not feel the draw from Atwood’s writing. These novels were just not for me.

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