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Few Interesting Links.

Just wanted to post a few interesting links for everyone to take a gander at. The first link is a wedding from the 2011 Zombie Walk in Toronto.

The second link is a letter about the Occupy Movement, which I found very interesting to read. I thought some other students may want to take the 3 seconds to take a peek at it.



The next link is to a group on Facebook. This group is “11-11-11 Pub Crawl is in bad taste” and it is a group that has gotten together because they feel the Nov 11th, 11am pub crawl that is being put on by the student body of NBCC is disrespectful.

I was very surprised to hear that there was a pub crawl going on, on Nov 11th and apparently during Remembrance Day Ceromines. I personaly find this to be very disrecptful to all the people that fought, died, lost their lives or lives of loved ones, ect – we should be remembering them and what happened. Not “pub crawling”. Just my two cents.

Quote “This group is being created so those who want to voice their opinion about the pub crawl, which has been organized by students of NBCC-SJ and the promotion of the event on campus as approved by NBCC faculty”
Quote “NBCC has approved the promotion of the event (with NO NBCC affiliation on any advertising/clothing) and the sale of tickets on campus”

Please take a few minutes to voice your concerns (if you have any) in the facebook group.

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